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Прохождение онлайн-тестирования

1. Kate _____ American.:

2. _____ there a bank near here?:

3. I didn't ________ TV last night.:

4. Look! The train _______!:

5. I've never _______ to London.:

6. _____ to go to the cinema tonight?:

7. To get to the Post Office, _____ at the end of this street.:

8. Excuse me, ______ time please?:

9. Dubai has _____ building in the world.:

10. I think I've got a cold, I can't stop _______.:

11. My parents _______ married since 1965.:

12. Hurry up or we'll _______ our plane!:

13. You're from Las Vegas, ______?:

14. My mother _______ me to buy some sugar.:

15. I don't know many people _____ still smoke these days.:

16. I wish I _________ get up early every morning.:

17. You should ______ my advice.:

18. How much time do you spend _______ English?:

19. You should _______ for directions if you get lost.:

20. - Are you going to the cafe? _______ with you.:

21. A lot of products ________ in China.:

22. What is this _____ in English? I don't remember.:

23. If I ________ earlier, I wouldn't have been late for work.:

24. By 2030 I think we will _________ a settlement on Mars.:

25. There were _______ of people at the hockey match on Thursday.:

26. Do you fancy ______ away for the weekend?:

27. _____ to bring your passport. You'll need it at the airport.:

28. Mark: I've had a toothache for three days. Sue: ______ to the doctors.:

29. There are so many people off sick, we'll have to put the meeting __ until next week.:

30. Where's your car today? It __ repaired.:

Напишите 5-10 предложений на одну из предложенных тем: 1. My Hobby. 2. The person I admire. 3. The most memorable day in my life.:

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